So the R&B star duo of America has had one of the biggest summer anthems with single ‘Hit The Ceiling’ and have returned with another remix coming from Zimoko that follow from the first remix by Kenny Dope.

Kenny Dope brings a little of a nineties house sound to the hit single, which will be mashing up the dance floor this party season. It upgrades the R&B summer nostalgia number by making it more of a dance funk. Zimoko, on the other hand, changes the tempo flips the remix because and alternative R&B/Pop mix with the overlays of Jillian Hervey’s vocals. Another two remixes follow for ‘Rockets’ from mOma + Guy and Simen SezSez is a soulful upgrade that is softer yet sultry. The New Yorker delivers on the beauty Hervey’s vocals and presents a beautiful upgrade. Meanwhile, mOma + Guy’s sound of the single is 100% Afrobeat.

Not only has the single ‘Hit the Ceiling’ has been a major hit and the first coming from their forthcoming project, but the single has become the official soundtrack for Issa Rae’s show ‘Insecure’ alongside other artists such as Bryson Tiller and SZA. Lucas Goodman has also released his own project ‘Astro Raw 1’ which celebrates and shines the producers love of Hip Hop, Dance, and R&B.



  1. […] It comes following their four-track remixes of two of the duo’s biggest tracks of the year &#8…‘. The music video was directed by Chalailai Fisbach and Jett Cain, bringing all walks of life expressing their best in what seems to be a fancy dress party. Singer Jillian Hervey goes all out with her mesmerizing dance moves in a video that brought club and ballroom dancing together right under one roof. The video had a first premiere via FADER and is now available for the world to see. […]

  2. […] Filmed at New York’s Taconic Sculpture Park, the video has an influenced Alice in Wonderland theme but twisted to the LION BABE art direction. With naturally sweet cinematography enhanced with dazzling editing effects. As LION BABE’s Hervey puts it: “Honey Dew” is a visual inspired by the ethereal and commanding sculptures created by Roy Kanwit in upstate New York. Art and nature endlessly play off of each other in the song and visual.” The track was produced by Simen Sez, the man who also produced one of the remixes for their track “Rockets”.  […]


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