This is one of the many comedy webseries that was set in the whole heart of Birmingham.

Both David Whitely and Theo Johnson develop a show that’ll have many siblings relate. The havoc of the over protection from one’s brothers  as a female can be a strain when seeking to have relationships with other men, and in the show ‘Living With My Brothers’, the brothers play the human-surveillance over their sister played by Marnie.

The comedy webseries has received a massive response from the people in Birmingham. Not only is it funny, but it’s true to the daily situations of family life. It has that feel that was seen in ‘Kenan & Kel’ and has the spirit of the trio behind ‘Mandem on The Wall’.  Many would recognise Theo Johnson, as he’s appeared in a couple of television shows such as ‘Raised by Wolves’. as well as Humza Arshad’s  ‘Badman’ webseries.

The success of webseries has given them the passion to produce this as the first EVER feature film set in Birmingham! This movie can definitely place a host of upcoming and emerging stars both behind and on screen into the spotlight. All the details to the campaign can be find here. For now, will be taking you through the episodes of the show.



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