Louis VI sets himself as an individual artist as he releases an original music video for his track “Floatin” ft. Jelani Blackman.

Non-conforming to the routines process of videos, Louis VI has one scene shot throughout the visual, whereby he’s floating in water (or what seems to be a bathtub). The water (through clever editing from Tayo Rapoport) has been carefully synced with the beat of the video, until you get near the closing of the visual when he finally dips his head straight back into the water.

For those who don’t know Louis VI, he’s known to be part of the group OthaSoul. You can hear on a few collaborations that they’ve done in the past. With honest lyricism and overcoming personal obstacles Louis VI is destined to be one of the freshest and realest rappers in the UK rap scene (you know, the ones that’ll allow you to DEEP IT).



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