Check out Louis Findlay. He’s among the new talent that Moses will be working with in upcoming film project “Genesis Protocol”. That’s right people, R.M Moses has got so many projects sealed, scripted and ready to be executed.

He’s been working his way up, with his debut in his own work “Questions”Redemption”, “To Trend on Twitter” and “Hooligan Factory”. The former Sylvia Young student has had an rocky ride with acting; as he had to keep dropping the biggest opportunities sue to personal circumstances.

Get to know Mr Findlay, as he talks about his artistic family and resumption into acting considering that it took him a while to realise that this is where is passion lies. Plus, he goes on to talk about how the collaboration with Remi Moses came about after watching one of his films via Vimeo.

Expect more things coming from this lad. He’ll be also starring in another movie called “Risen” and get this – will be starring in a film that actor Nathan Hector has written too.

1. Hey Findlay, welcome to the game as an actor! Glad for having your first interview with us.

Thanks for having me, I’m very excited.

2. So we heard that you’ll be working with Remi Moses on his new work called the “Genesis Protocol”, BUT you know how we sniff around! You’ve also appeared in films such as “To Trend On Twitter” & “Hooligan Factory”…

That’s right. Remi and I are set to get to work very soon. Well, I like to see those films as “testing the water”. They were the first pieces of work that I ever did when I started out. I had only acted in school before and it was three years after that I acted again and got my first job. I had never been on a film set before and had no idea what to expect really, but it was a great way to see if I felt comfortable in this industry and whether or not acting was truly something that I wanted to pursue after years of hoping to be one. Thankfully,  it worked in my favour.

3. Do you think that working with R.M Moses is your biggest step up yet as an upcoming actor?

I’m thankful to anyone that hires me but Remi was defiantly someone that I seriously wanted to work with. Before I knew of him, I was on Vimeo one day and saw one of his films. I was really surprised how creative he is and so I followed him on Twitter and he followed me back. I DM’d  (direct messaged) him one day and to my surprise, he replied. He must have thought “Who the hell is this guy asking me for a job?” But I took a chance because I really wanted it; I knew that Remi could deliver. I definitely think his vision and the way he gives his characters a heartbeat will showcase my talents and I couldn’t be happier working with him. So Remi, thank you.

4. Any exclusive insight into “Genesis Protocol”. Perhaps you can describe the next project in three words (cos we know that Remi Moses is good at keeping secrets).

Well, it’s series of seven short films. All I’ll say about my one is “Fucked.Up.Relationship”

5. Describe your personality as a mainstream movie title.

Probably “Alice In Wonderland”. You know how its just random, abrupt and things dramatically change? Well, my mind tends to work like that – a lot. I go from one thing to the next, before finishing what I’m saying and it drives my girlfriend and my dad crazy (laughs). I daydream quite a lot too. I think that’s the thing with actors –  we are always trying to create. Sometimes I talk to myself HAHA. Other times, I’m just being a prat as I tend to say what I think without thinking about it. Luckily it is accepted well by my friends and family.

6. So what made you get into acting? How is this new work different from your previous performances?

I was never an academic – I couldn’t do maths. For years, felt like a failure. My family’s pretty artistic so I channeled my energy into that direction as I did well in art. However, I always had a lot of energy so I wasn’t sat at a desk very often. I do owe a lot to my nan because she knew from the word get go that I should be performing and she enrolled me into Sylvia Young. I got in but had to decline when my parents split. And yeah…I just really enjoyed my acting classes in school and decided to take it more seriously when it came to GCSE’s and A-levels. I used to do Free Running and when I completed school I got signed by a company that gave me a career that lasted for two years. Sadly, the company is no longer running but it the experience boosted my confidence. When I injured my knees, I decided to hang up my laces and return back to acting. Of course, I had no idea how to get into it but I damn well made myself a door. I probably picklocked someone else’s HAHA (laughs)! But in all seriousness, I’ve worked very hard and I’m proud of that.

7. Moving on now to your appearances in “Question”, “Redemption” & a music video by The Hics called “Russian Dolls”. This question is open as, you have a chance to take the floor and reflect. So Mr Findlay, take it away…

A friend on mine was looking for a job on and just by chance came across this film competition they were running. Sadly, she only told me about it two days before the deadline but I really wanted to make something. So I had one day to write a three minute script with the line “The Question” being in it somewhere. Cast it, find a crew, shoot it in five hours. I continued editing it all night before the deadline and submitted it just before midnight. It was a bit of a run and gun but if I didn’t have a deadline I could’ve made that beautiful.

“Redemption” is roughly a twenty minute drama that I wrote, directed and starred in. The scene’s available to see on my Vimeo page and it has a funny story behind it. Prior to shooting that scene, I had just failed my driving test and was in a really bad mood. I wasn’t a lot of fun to be around and everything on set kept going wrong and you can kind of see it rubbing me up the wrong way. With that being said,  I think it added to my performance.

“Russian Dolls” was my first job this year; shot on a cold January night in Walthamstow. I arrived on set at the launderette to find two men, a broken DSLR and a crappy tripod. At first I was contemplating going back home because I was not expecting this, but it was a fun shoot. I met some cool people and when the video was released I was stunned – it looks beautiful and very cinematic. I was throughly impressed and would love to work with them again, which I think I am next year.

8. If you had the chance to replay a certain character in a major film, which film would that be and why?

I’ve always said I’d love to play The Joker. I think that character has a lot of potential and can be steered in any direction, because The Joker is unpredictable and thats what people fear. I really like the new version played by Jarred Leto in Suicide Squad, I think he looks absolutely nuts! 😜 You can tell he’s fresh out of Arkham, knows he’s bonkers and really doesn’t care. 

9. So in both of the short films “The Question” & “Redemption”, not only did you direct both of these films, but you dealt with issues within a relationship. Understanding that you have your ‘one and only’, as well as loosing someone dear to you, how has that inspired you in terms of your performance?

I think for any actor it is your responsibility to play these roles with respect, integrity and honour. You’re dealing with serious matters and you have to do it justice or you won’t be taken seriously. The audience will see you as a fraud as acting is all about “being”. The thought of loosing someone is bound to trigger some tears. If you’re  able to generate a couple of tears in your performances, then please do embrace it. I really struggled with this and its something I’m working on but I think it’s  harder for men. I’ve always been a fan of method acting; so I try to incorporate that overtime I perform and put myself in the moment; the shoes of someone else and take on the weight of the world upon my shoulders.

10. How did your collaboration with Remi come about? What interested you into working with this resilient director in the making?

Like I’ve said, it was just by chance I saw one of his videos on Vimeo and messaged him. I really didn’t think he would reply but I really am glad he did. I know he works hard. Hebproduced 4 films this year out of his own pocket and put together a premier that looked amazing! Sadly I couldn’t make it but it made me more hungry for it. When you work with a team that is just as hungry as you are, you can pull some of the best moments of cinema into life. Remi is going to give me a platform to shine. He gave me an open window to do what I liked with the character and he loved the idea that I had for him. So let”s just say that I’m gonna surprise you.

11. Which actor under the “Genesis Protocol” series are you looking forward to working with?

Even though I don’t have any scene with him (as he’s working on a different film within the collaboration), I have to say my old friend Nathan Hector. We met on the same set back in 2012 and I think it was our very first experience of professional acting. We have always remained good friends and kept in touch. I was so moved when he rang me out of the blue to say how sorry he was that my nan had died, he knew that if it wasn’t for her I probably wouln’t be acting. We’ve talked in the past about working together again and I wrote a little something but we just haven’t been able to find the time.
He rang me out of the blue again the other day (as he does lol) and offered me a role in a film that he’s producing so I’m honoured that he sees something in me.

12. How does it feel to now be 25? You’re youthful with fire mate.

At first I hated the thought about being 25. I’m not scared of most thing but getting older scares me. But then I thought to myself: with all the fighting going on in the world at the moment, I’m very lucky to see another day let alone another year. So now I’m content with myself.

13. If you were the main star in your dream movie, who would be your co-stars and supporting actors?

I’d love to do a big feature one day with all of my friends. We have so much fun and there’s some real characters in my circle. I’d love to do a film one day with Jude Law; he’s my idol. Tom Hardy, Will Smith, Jack O’Connel, Mark Strong, Ray Winstone, Michael Caine, Robert Downey Jr or even Russell Brand. Really, anyond who’s got some of the best life lessons to teach.

14. How can people find out about you! Keep updated on your journey?

Well hopefully, I’ll be making movies that you’ll know about and get to see on the big screen. For now, you can follow me on Twitter or my IMDB page I’d say.



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