The cosmopolitan festival for short films return once again with its 14th anniversary and a new selection of budding filmmakers that we should all know about.

So  grab the popcorn, cause we’re bringing out fresh picks of recommendations. But to be fair though, there’s loads of events happening.


I am Dora: Free, White & 21 + Panel

On the wake of many social and racial events that have occurred in 2016, films from the likes of Mark Leckey (Fiorucci Made Me Hardcore, 1999), Alnoor Dewshi (Latifah and Himli’s Nomadic Uncle, 1992) and Menelik Shabazz (Blood Ah Go Run, 1982) are revived in a living dialouge. The panel consists of contemporary thinkers Shola Amoo (Director, A Moving Image), Cassie Quarless & Usayd Younis (Directors, Generation Revolution) and journalist Kieran Yates (co-author, Generation Vexed)

New Shorts

Best British Short Film Nominations.

The British Council has aligned itself with  the following shorts films and the following have been selected for the prestigious award. These include ‘Just Marianne’ by Mark Jenkin, ‘Little Soldier’ by Stella Corradi, ‘A Love Story’ by Anushka Kishani Naanayakkara, ‘A Man Returned’ by Mahdi Fleifel, ‘A Murderous Justice’ by Gavin Scott Whitfield and ‘Your Mother And I’ by Anna Maguire.


Aaron Dunleavy’s breakthrough short ‘The Truants’ has officially being selected among the likes of James Crookson ‘Panic’, ‘Hunter’s Fall’ by Peter McCarthy, ‘Longfield Drive’ by Kiosa Sukami, Ella Smith’s ‘Mdudu Boy ‘and ‘Marlon’ by Dornaz Hajiha.


Moving over to the girls, you have the likes of Koby Adom’s ‘House Girl’, which had a private screening at a BFI Black Star event in October. You also have ‘Butterfly’ by  Alex Withers, ‘Miranda’s Letter’ by Teresa Griffiths, Mdhamiri A Nkemi ‘Elle And Naomu’, ‘The Rubber Guillotine’, by Bryan M. Ferguson, Myriam Raja’s ‘Khadejah’ ‘A Girl and Her Gun’, by Paul Holbrook & Sam Dawe by and ‘Goalie’ by Toa Stappard.

NEW SHORTS: Docs: Regeneration + Q&A

We seen this year the  regeneration of London in terms of the fast gentrification that is occurring that has changed the landscape of London.

Three shorts have been selected for this section. Rocio Lira takes this issue in true artform with ‘Question in Art’. Mathy Tremewan and Fran Broadhurst take living portraits of former live venues that are now dead in ‘Loud Places’. Patrick Nation follows a liberalist DJ as she tours Europe in ‘Between The Beats, Black Madonna’ and Ross Domoney ‘Uprooted’,  looks at the official eating up of former council estates in rapidly changing London.

New Shorts; Creative England-i Shorts Showcase

Recognised by the BFI.Network, the Creative i-Shorts is an entry shorts initiative that is catered to aspiring filmmakers who live outside of England. For the selection this year, we have Jack King, who battles infertility in ‘The Crossing’. ‘Trigga’ from Meloni Pole follows the life of a girl who prefers her life as a horse. Will Herbert’s ‘Chippy Tea’ follows surprising events which erupt a typical family tradition on a Friday night. A former journalist becomes a death ringlinder by accident in Simon Dymond’s ‘Wash Club.  Myriam Raja sets her story in England around a mass refugee crisis that is erupting the country in ‘Shamas’, and Alex Forbes ‘Belle and Bamber’ is a dark comedy that explores the childhood play of imaginary friends.

New Shorts: Animation Selection

Selected in this section are Layla Atkinson’s ‘Aftermath’, ‘Love in Idleness’ by Kim Noce,‘ A Love Story’ by Anushka Kishani Naanayakkara, ‘Klementhro’ by Sue Dunham,  ‘Johnno’s Dead’ by Chris Shepherd, ‘World War Cup’ by Simon Ellis, ‘Chateau Au Go Go’ from Steve Gentile, Chris Ullens’ ‘Kill It For The Kids’, ‘Do Right’ by Patrick Blake,  ‘Time Chicken’ from Nick Black and sci-fi action thriller ‘Squirrel Island’ from Astrid Goldsmith.

New Shorts: Teenage Kicks

In curation with Into Film, LSFF has selected films that have been watched and debated by the young audience. These include the likes of Nick Beasley’s ‘Mid Air’, ‘Player 2’ from Harry Slinger-Thompson and Charlie Miller, ‘Candy Floss’ by Jed Hart and ‘We Loved Moses’ by Dionne Edwards.

There’s more to bargain for in this short as it deals with everything teenager related.

The New Underground Cinema + Panel

In the wake of the closing of the UK Film Council, a new move in Britain Cinema was awaken from 2010 to 2016, Now known as the ‘Misrule Cinema Movement’ guest speakers Kate Taylor (London Short Film Festival co-founder, now at the BFI London Film Festival), alongside Duncan Reekie (Exploding Cinema) Anna Bogutskaya (Final Girls, Underwire, BFI), Laura Shacham (Kino London) and the film’s director Jett Hollywood look into the contemporary alternative movement of these guerrilla-style movie screenings.


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