More of XVR BLCK and his sexy production on Lylo Gold’s uptempo track “Who’s Gonna”, that has those 00s R&B feels that were heard from the likes of Brandy, Mya and Ashanti.

Fresh with those salsa-esque guitar, Gold returns with those vocals that made us love her since releasing her track “Over U”, “Starry Night” and the classic “Show Me”. Gold has definitely stuck to her guns and kept that R&B sound. Topping the track off with a ‘Gheez!’ is featured artist Kaniva, who brings that extra deep swag with his lyricism.

Come on girl, where’s the EP at? We dare to ask. We also gonna to state that Berlin Colors better get to know you chica. After hustling for a couple of years, and seeing the likes of her first debuts “Show Me” and “I Don’t Care” going into the milli streams, Gold is beginning to be the UK answer to many of the US artists who made the 00’s R&B great.


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