The EP title of Lylo Gold debut body of work (“Heartache & Wray”) is one that she’s been using throughout the course of the year.

Finally, after the long wait and time in adding quality into the new emerging rise of UK R&B, Lylo Gold presents the official EP, and our excitement about this young star is so BIG that even the world can contain it.

For those who are discovering Lylo Gold, the young lady has made it easy for you. She’s tracklisted her throwback hit “Don’t Care” produced by Emmavie, as well as her recent 00’s R&B nostalgia “Who’s Gonna” featuring Kaniva, produced by no other than XVR BLCK, who has been heavily involved on this EP.

There’s also recent and current hitters to date just to bring you forward to 2018, such as “Starry Night” and “Over U”both the single and the remix by Ruby Francis.

Now onto the newbie tracks.

“Forget You”, which is produced by Michael Patrick is a beautiful opening of piano instrumentals, giving us those similar vibes heard by the young Ashanti, who’s known for her heartfelt heartbreak anthems. Listen through “Heartache & Wray” and you land on another original of the same track name that has the alternative R&B feel of the smooth ethereal strings against her flawless instrumentals. The shortest track on the EP – but still significant.

“Blocked” is another hot favourite that is relatable with its warm and sexy mix of acoustic and music production with those luscious guitar riffs, that’s carefully synced in flow to bring you into her eight track “Torn”, with credit coming from Cynesha Brown. Now this track has all of those noughties’ R&B written all-over it.

Lylo Gold follows the likes of Ella Mai, who appreciate the past and set themselves for now. The success of the likes of H.E.R and others shows that there’s a need for artists to keep those golden high years of nineties and noughties’ R&B – but carefully maturing her to be current and future forward sounds.

“Heartache and Wray” is stellar, and worth the wait if you want that good R&B.


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