Lyves (Francesca Bergami) returns back to music after being the supporting act for Coldplay’s international tour. Her luscious sounds and trip-hop bass against her strong yet delicate vocals continue with ‘Cover Me’.

“I wrote ‘Cover Me’ around 3 years ago, but it ended up as a lost, unfinished demo until I came across it again by accident this year while writing in Devon. Hearing it after so long re-ignited how I first felt writing it and led me to finish the song. I feel the song speaks about the tug and pull in relationships – that internal conflict that can arise between wanting stability and security vs independence.”

What became a lost and incompleted track became a beautiful accident found. With Lyves and Will Night being the producers of the track, the finished product is a single that has a spacious R&B sound that has grasps of powerful synths. Not only does this track be played as another beautiful number, but it could be considered as a strong ballad too.

Citing her influences from Tupac, Enya, Moby and Philip Glass, Lyves has spent the whole year returning back to being creative after studying psychology at Goldsmiths. For her, 2017 has been a wake-up year of realising that music was her calling. In the words of the singer, her aim is “…to be as honest and real as possible, my hope is that it speaks to people.’  Having become one of the artists to be funded by the ‘Women in Music’, Lyves has been able to be consistent with her new material.

‘Holding Back’ and ‘Cove Me’ are both supported by the PRSF fund.

‘Cover Me is now available across digital platforms.


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