r The M.O girls bring double the eclectic tropical Afro-swing and an extended verse from Mr Eazi from their Summer Vibes version of “Bad Vibe” that became a comeback smash hit.

With Mr Eazi becoming a hot name in the scene after working with Giggs on Like “London Townas well as coming off from the first indoor sellout festival #AfroRepublik, the signature artist on the next afrobeat wave brings more freestyle and charisma. There’s a stronger feel with the flamboyant strings and keyboard feels that gives a sense of spirit towards the coming carnival season. With the original track coming strong with 12 million views amassed, M.O has once again become the UK most favourite group following their personal changes and new music direction after collaborating with the Lotto Boyz and Mr Eazi. It’s a great way to return to scene with a banger and once again with another re-edited hit smasher. They seriously need to get one with possibly Yxng Bane or something, as Afro-swing/Afro-wave/Afrobeat (whatever you want to call it) is continuing to be the new culture and major influencer in UK music.


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