Finally, her singles ‘Put It On Me’, ‘I Live’, ‘Run‘ are all tracklist on Malika’s debut ‘Songs About C’.

Our thoughts are on a high with the singer’s debut EP, which we think was a long time coming. Of course, ‘Put It On Me’ opens the EP with its strong futuristic R&B sounds thanks to producers Snakeships and Maths Time Joy, but there are also other producers that the singers have brought on board that has made this debut one to remember.

Loxe produces the second track ‘Should I???’, the second track that continues where ‘Put It On Me’, but changes the tune with a sexy slower tempo that’ll place you in the mood for love. Arguably, it’s diving back to some 00s rhythm but with some sonic echoes that brings this second track to the now. ‘I Live’ dives into contemporary nineties gospel rhythms that were heard from the younger Kirk Franklin, and Bearcubs perfectly makes the music production on point with the strings that were similarly heard with Monica’s debut ‘Walk Out of My Life’. Bearcubs also produces ‘Don’t Give Up On Me’ – another double dose of those nineties R&B instrumentals.  DaVinche produces ‘Love You Again’, which changes the tempo on the EP with DaVinche’s strong instrumental of the guitar and Malika’s emotional vocals with this love song. Her voice sits perfectly with the track, as you can hear every sound of the strings and the beauty of Malika’s vocals. The final track ‘Run’ is trip-hop and seals the EP.

Overall, ‘Songs About C’ is strongly produced EP that is smooth with its rendition of UK R&B. She reassures that there are still singers all about the best talent that the UK has to offer. Even without instrumentals and the percussion, Malika has a voice that’ll leave you with nothing but memories.



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