Produced by Elvis “Blac Elvis” Williams (Fergie’s “London Bridge,” Usher’s “Lil Freak,” and Beyonce’s “Ego”), Matt Le Grand presents his club filled track that’s full of the club vibes and the nightlife of America.

Full of consistent and catchy lyrics that’ll make you dance, “12:00 AM” shows off the commercial greatness of America, with it’s bold beats and the strong keyboard and simplistic storytelling lyricism in the midst of the busy life. In his words under the track via Soundcloud: “Imagine if you could only see the one you love for one hour every twenty-four hours. How would you two spend your minutes?”

The club aesthetics is what contributes to the love and vibes for mainstream pop. This is one track that’ll want to get loose too ahead of the music, whisk-away at night whilst getting a hangover straight up in the morning. Matt LeGrand drip perfectly in the vocals making the collaboration and production one that is definitely a match made in heaven.


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