Max Valentine has got his new single ‘No Title’ up on Complex for its first premiere. That being said, we had to get a check as to what the whole buzz was about.  He twisted the whole thing about placing a title in a relationship.

With 1st Born providing the trap-head-nod beats to this track, Valentine provides smooth rap-singing with his casual voice, set back with the techno-strings that are sync within the background of the chorus. The 808 Trap base is heavy influenced by the rap-singing tune that was first started off by Drake.

1st Born has been heavily credited for producing tracks for the likes of Dappy, Chip and Stormzy. Describing his track as ‘honest’, Max Valentine presents a late night nostalgia that shows his versatility. Forthcoming is his music movie directed by Fredi Nwaka this month. With ‘No Title’ have a foundational R&B drive, Valentine has given you another side of his personality that you can chill.



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