‘Nan Fon Bwa’, The first single coming from the Canadian musicians and guitarist whose forthcoming album ‘Radyo Siwèl’ is about to make more than a political in regards to her unapologetic Haitian ancestry.

But first, let’s talked about the single ‘Nan Fon Bwa’. It’s his own rework of Frantz Casséus’ original composition. Committed to embracing her Haitian roots Mélissa Laveaux brings the spirit to one of the most politically influential roots of voodoo, taking traditional tunes and interpreting them with an indie rock aesthetic. The effect is a beautiful single against the singer warm and soothing vocals.

The drape and scrapes and vodoo anthems from the old scrapbooks have all be part of her new piece of work ‘Radyo Siwèl’, an intimate piece celebrating the underrated culture that Haiti has. She records the album in five days and also works with French production team A.L.B.E.R.T. (Air, Tony Allen, Charlotte Gainsbourg). Prior to the album is the three track EP that has the first three singles from the album, which includes ‘Nan Fon Bwa’. 

We expect ‘Radyo Siwèl’ to be sensitive but highly unapologetic, with an intermix of the resilient spirit of Haiti via her new technical and spiritual take on the country’s music.

‘Radyo Siwèl’ on will be released via Nø Førmat! on 23rd March whilst her EP will be released on the 2nd February. 


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