The collaboration between Bluey Robinson and Midas Hutch returns with this new number “Ready Or Not”. Remember, it was just over a year ago that both artists worked together on the electrifying eighties dance jam “The High” (whereby we confess that we still continue to listen to date).

Bringing those summer night vibes against Bluey Robinson soulful vocals that we love to be swoon by. There’s more of the trumpets instrumentals against Midas Hutch’s vibrant eighties upgrade sound. It’s more warmer and softer yet still a dance jam regardless.

Notwithstanding, we can’t help but also talk about UNO Stereo who is the other featured artist hailing all the way from down under (Australia). He’s a Grammy-nominated-certified-fresh, and has a CV that includes working with Maurice Moore as well as producing his own remixes of his favourite tunes and influences, including Stevie Wonder. He recently released volume one of his UNO Stereo episodes, so why not go and check that.


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