‘Midnight Miracle’ has come just in the right time of what we call the Information Age, where Youtube personalities have become celebrities overnight.

Produced by Wolfpack Productions (by Rebecca Jade Hammond and Alex Brammer), ‘Midnight Miracle’ is a  British comedy about  the accidental vlogger Lissa, both in her rise to fame as a Youtube phenomenon to the fall.  The execution of this film is current, modern and up to date with brilliant animation, with a couple from funny sketches. We had the chance to the Digital Creators UK event, and was impressed by the show creating current social media trends, including getting an agent (Bruno) to eventually having her friend Holly (Ambur Khan) become a manager. To Lissa, this was an accidental breakthrough, and viewers will get the chance to see all the mayhem behind Lissa’s journey of become the popular girl on the internet. 

Also among the crew of the webseries, include Barnaby Hatch (Director), Christopher Rithin (Cinetamography and Editor), Megan Keegan (Set Design) and Siu-see Hung (Sound). There are talks to have a Season 2, but don’t take our word of it! Watch the full six episodes for season One now.




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