Mike Rogers release the penulimate track from their EP “Loose Ideas” as a standalone single featuring Sinclair and Jay-Way.

The EP title is fit for a duo that overlap between the realms of songwriting and producing. With the duo showing off their exclusive percussion of using ethereal vocal audits, and electric keyboard melodies that is filled with emotional yet super vocals coming from Sinclair, whilst Jay-Way bounces off the track with his lyrical content and versatility. “Pretty Ones” is one mix of perfect pop and individualistic electro. Sure, it isn’t a commercial hit, but we’re sure that will gain heavy support from fans. Crazy that the boys are actually from Amsterdam, as the duo have a strong international connection with the rest of the world, and have previously worked with the likes of JONES & Tiggs Da Author.

With the track released under BMKLTSCH RCRDS, Mike Rogers are set to become the biggest players in the game.



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