Mo Brandis brings the spirit of The Weeknd, Nick Jonas, Charlie Puth and early Justin Timberlake, with this tantalising single “Think“, the first of his new singles for 2018, despite having top 10 gold and platinum singles under his belt already from over ten countries.

Think” is fast with Mo Brandis delivering on soulful vocals against an fast-high-tempo beat. You can’t help but snap your fingers like a pro. The track is soulful yet a balance percussion of pop music as well. The ethereal keys, heavenly strings…”Think” has everything that makes this track geared toward the summer for the parties. Brandis has more to deliver after releasing his debut EP “Undercover“, and like a true popstar, he can write catchy yet provocative songs. The track is clever has you can hear quiet vocal underlayers of the singer chanting “Think“, making it smooth topping over the bold chorus. After receiving support from diverse publications, we’re sure that Mo Brandis has got more to bring.


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