Moelogo‘s gig was live, direct and totally #IretiUnplugged for one special night only at Birthdays.


Hosting the night was Reprezent’s Gaby Arow who was looking fierce.

Reprezent Radio's Gaby Arow

NWD came a little earlier and the met the most talked about singer backstage, where he was cosy up with a crate of Saka Water and a whole fridge of Red Bull.

What’s not to like about Moelogo? With his handsome looks, charm and humility, he hasn’t allowed his new found fame to get the best of him. Even he himself was surprised when he find out how many tickets had been sold, to watch him perform but also the love from the fans. Not to mention the fact that, he has been dreaming of this day that was about to happen in a matter of hours (thanks to Pure Yinz & Ayo, the duo who put the event together).

“It still hasn’t hit me yet…but obviously I’m happy about it and I’m just grateful that it’s happening and people are coming out to support. It’ll be a good show tonight.” 

Moelogo surprised the audience by having some exclusive guests gracing the stage and all showing positive vibes about the singer. Yes folks, we are talking the likes of Te Dness, Maleek Berry, Silver Stone, Mista Silva, Cadet and AVELINO!

Moelogo & Avelino

IMG_6148 copy IMG_6160 copy

Other people that were in the building to show their love include the likes of Nathan Hector, Caro Ohemma, Rough Copy, DJ Abrantee and founder of The Big Clash Uncle D

Tomi Agape opened the night with two of her tracks including Higher, followed by Kwamz & Flava taking over the stage.

IMG_6146 copy

Kwamz & Flava

Performances also includes a young live band known as DWT Entertainment, believe us when we say these guys are so fresh and yet, they play as if they’ve been in the game for time…

Moelogo came on the stage, giving huge shoutout to the crowd, before going into hard bangers such as “Plenty, Plenty“, “Penkele” plus a special one which took fans wayyyy back.

“Penkele means just be easy. Life is hard, but don’t make it harder for yourself by making it hard. Does that make sense? Work hard obviously, pray to God and everything would be okay.” 

However, the biggest stars of the night are two of Moelogo’s special fans – his grandmother and mum. After a night of surprise guests and anthems, Moelogo performed the final song Ireti. In true respect and reflection on how he has been raised, he invited both of them to the stage, and gave them the most emotional and special performance for all to see. It brought many to tears and emotions to flow, something rarely seen in todays day-an-age.

It’s easy for many to place him in the Afrobeat category and Moelogo highlights this when we asked how he felt about this:

“The origin of my music is Afrobeats; from the Fela Kutis, the King Sunny Ades…”

but then adds:

“…I just make music that everyone can enjoy to. The tone is African, but what I speak about is something that everyone can relate to. I’m not saying that I’m not Afrobeats – I’m more than (just) that. I just make good music and that’s it.”

Indeed, the night was all about good music and good vibes. Neither the heat or the tight space could stop the audience from seeing Moelogo and rocking to his unique combination of music. Regardless of his enviable portfolio of work, with many of heavyweights in the UK. Moelogo still remain optimistic about his future collaborations with the biggest names in the game by saying:

“Anyone that’s doing something good i.e. making good music, I’m open to working with…..everyone that’s doing their thing – so respect to them.”

Working with Wretch 32, Mo Stack and Sneakbo is just a tip of the iceberg. The future remains unwritten. For now, let’s just love Moelogo’s music and eh…spray him that money 💵💷



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