With the stars aligning for one of the breakout releases for ‘The Black Panther’, MUNDU wastes no time and releases another song cover straight out the gate.

He takes no other song than the track from Kendrick Lamar and SZA, but adds his avant-garde sound and lyricism adding lines such as ‘…corrupting man’s heart with a gift, that’s when you know who you are dealing with.’ The track has been heavily enhanced with the use of strings that are part of MUNDU sound. The artist-singer-producer uses the opportunity to talk about the love as well as the haters (hence the lyrics I hate people that feel entitled, they call me crazy cos I ain’t invite you). MUNDU is obviously keeping his diligence on lock and has already done four covers to date. Fortunately, he’s announced that his new single “Catch Me If You Can” is set to be released this Friday. 


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