Garden Productions were responsible for programming such as ‘24 Hours in A&E’, ’24 Hours in Police Custody’, and the BAFTA award-winning series ‘Bedlam’ and have been commissioned by Channel 4 to produce an immersive programming to deliver insight into the nature of Islam in a divided world.

With the community making up 4% of the population in terms of beliefs, One white woman will be fully placed in a Pakistani Muslim family in North West England, in this case, Manchester. Filmed right off the backs of the terrorist attacks during Ariana Grande concert which shook the nation, the woman will witness the impact of the events within the community that she knows little about. ‘My Week As A Muslim’. Executive Producer Fozia Khan promises that it’ll be ‘a moving piece of television.’   Head of Factual Entertainment Kelly Webb-Lamb adds the emphasis of

“…need to have the courage to tackle taboos head on and have frank and honest conversations for the sake of better relationships between our communities.”



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