A cinematic-pop entrance is what Nadine returns with into the UK scene. Her voice is tender, yet the percussion surrounding her first single heightens in strength, becoming vulnerable and powerful at the same time. Is there a chance that her singles will be used as soundtracks for movies? Afterall, the potential is there.

With her EP scheduled for release on the 23rd of November, Nadine presents a  Gareth-Kay directed music video that sees her playing on the organs in an ancient church. Coming back stronger from her debut EP ‘Spring Will Come’ in 2013, Nadine is set to rise from the ashes.  With an upbringing full of soul and live music (thanks to her multi-instrumentalist mother), Nadine is following the new sound that has the world in awe of Lorde, Aurora and Imogen Heap. ‘Rise’ is her third release produced by Dave Holden of Flat 6 Music. Surprisingly, the single deal with the issues of mental health as Nadine tells the history of the disorder in her family and exploring a new meaning of hope, which comes more than just words:

“We have struggled a lot with mental illness in my family and when faced with hardship I naturally started exploring the meaning of hope. I’m not interested in the sort of hope we sprinkle into well-meaning sentences like “crossing my fingers!” I’d much rather explore the more stubborn hope that’s tested when everything else breaks apart.”


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