Netherlands newcomer Nana Adjoa releases the second part EP of “Down At The Root” following the first EP release of the same name. Even though she has previously made a release of the full album “Down At The Root” in 2017, Adjoa is reaching an international audience and has therefore, decided to release the album into two parts.

We are coming straight as newbie listeners in this and will be looking into the second part of “Down At The Root”. Where her warmth and her quiet sense of personality is felt with the first track “Three”, against the sense of free spirit that the first track embodies. To some essence, there’s an extent of acoustic and live indie instrumentals against the Adjoa’s beautiful vocals. Her second track “Honestly” has a blend mix of softness with the existence of a steady yet smooth drum beat that makes this track very chilled and sweet in tenderness. Adjoa allows a interlude where she allows soulfulness of the live band to take over, making the track to have more of that indie-soul. Her raw authenticity continues with “Part Of It”, as the track begins a steady keyboard melody before progressing to a orchestrated number.  With “Part Of It” having that authentic indie explosion, Adjoa wines things down with “Down At The Root”, where her acoustic guitar and the busk-mood becomes the full force of the track.


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