Get more into the festive spirit with Narko’s rap lyrics for the track ‘In Laws’. As we all know, Christmas cherishes the exclusive time of family. Narko retells the story of his first impressions of his partner’s parents whilst channeling that in line with his own internal thoughts. It’s solid with the rappers comical delivery opening up with the common assumptions and fears that every man has whilst thinking of taking that extra step.

In Laws’ is a follow up from his previous track ‘Options’. Not only does Narko recruit the big man Sango on the production of this track that has a resample in which you can hear in the background, Sango delivers on the melodic beat that sync with Narko’s gritty lyrical credibility. It’s almost as is Narko’s rhythm is influenced by both grime and rap. It’s less aggressive than ‘Options’ yet still honest and real about love. So real, that many of you will be able to relate to this song.


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