The anticipated duo ‘Nate & Jamie’ are back! And it looks like the cinematography and filming has upgraded by Kashif Boothe.

Both Joshua Samuels & Samuel Williams recur their roles in the webseries, and continue where things were left off from Season 1 the finale and Episode Four from the female spin-off Imperfect’ that stars Lauren Douglin & Abbie Samuel.

New actors are in the mix with the new series such as the likes of Ani Nelson, Araba Jane, Jamila Wingett, Jamal Renaldo, Soolaya Rose, Ajiana Sanha and Rob Dye.

Jamie is confused and comes to the realisation that he’s still in love with Vanessa (Jamila Wingett). Will Jamie be able to win her back? Meanwhile, Nate has been kicked out of the house by his mom, and finesses two girls at the same time! Will they find out that he’s the ‘beautiful liar?’

We just have to find out!



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