Kashif Boothe has done a whole new webseries that is Britain’s answer to America’s ‘Kenan & Kel’, but with the smooth game of ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.’ 

It’s  based on a concept written by Joshua Samuels that follows the adventures of two best friends. Jamie is smooth, whilst Nate thinks that he’s got game i.e. the ‘macking’ lessons to woo the ladies.

Despite them being opposites, both Nate and Jamie have a peculiar unlikely bond with each other. After watching the pilot to the show, Boothe has successfully added comical script lines to the comedy webseries. The filmmaker has been widely known for his special projects that consist of mini-documentaries dealing with issues affecting society and the Black community. These include ‘How Do We Define Cultural Appropriation’, ‘Being Light Skinned’ and the recent ‘Black Women Are Too Tough To Handle?’

With this webseries project ‘Nate & Jamie’, Boothe adds a little fun to his increasing portfolio.

Actresses Lauren Douglin and Abbie Samuel co-star in the continuation of the webseries as the first episode continues with a double date. Would there be a second season? We encourage Boothe to do one because this unlikely duo could possibly win the hearts of young people everywhere across Britain.

Ione Gymafi (Production Assistant), Massimo Di Francesco (Sound Recordist), Kawthar Talibi (Director of Photography), Yazz Anderson – More (1st AD), Roshane Newman (Edit Consultant) were among the production team whilst Bad Racoon Media did the filming. Music was by KRMuzik.



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