Nathan Hector’s host headline show has definitely placed him down right in the record books.

Not only was the show was SOLD OUT EVENT, the event was jam-packed with friends and supporters. On the flyer, Hector doesn’t reveal anything in regards to the acts that are performing. In fact, no revelations build the excitement behind is hosting the event, as it brings eagerness and hype behind the actors new found a profession. Yes, we are strongly aware over the past year that he’s been doing hosting and that has developed his following of fans, not because of the fact that he has starred in “The Intent” and will be in the coming British gangster indie film by Tom Dunham, but simply because of his personality.

The night was live with the DJ spinning the hottest beats from the likes of Cardi B and Migos as well as our own homegrown acts such as Ramz, Giggs, Kojo Funds.

None thought that the likes of TE DNess and EMak were going to come down, let alone SNE who was the surprise act alongside Shauna Shadae, who looked very voluptuous on the night. The missus performed abashment mashup as well as her hit single “Mi Like” ft SNE. Plus, we can’t forget the Mela Twins, who follow alongside US upcoming rap Saweetie with making fleekness being the uniform with their breaking track #FleekBop. These ladies are living up to the brand, as they both coordinated their outfits and came with the ‘fully laid’ hair and heels. The Mela Twins also performed a whole new track for the audience featuring vocals coming from no other than Hector’s younger sister! AH!

Eugy came out to show love for Hector, and performed his track “Tick Tock” and “Dance For Me.” Despite the anticipation of the heat, Eugy was still able to swag it out in a fur coat and allowed the audience to sing along to the track. However, the shocker was when Don-E was live and tight on the night. Now, this was where the audience was a full pandemonium. Once the again the “Alright Yeah?” artist obviously performed the track with the audience screaming out the words. It was MAD. Still, there were moments that Hector continues to make himself the star of the night. Even he (Nathan Hector) was surreal over the turnout. You had people in the audience screaming love and his inner circle offering him praises and chants. Make no mistake – Nathan Hector has come a long way from being an average runner to being an online host personality who’s hosted shows for Club Republic, Not3s and City Vibes.


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