“Get out there and network, practice as much as you can, try different things, sign up to casting websites, have fun and be patient and trust your journey. Success doesn’t happen over night. “

Nathan Hector has appeared in a portfolio of amazing work. He’s appeared in “Illegal Activity”, “Will You Kill Me Now?”, “50 Shades of Tanesha”, “Melody” and “Blud”. After winning Best Actor at the Urban Entertainment Awards, he’s been appearing in music videos (check out Troy Hudson’s P.Y.T visuals) and is currently filming another film called “The Intent” alongside Krept & Konan and Scorcher.

So what is it like being an actor? How does it work?

Plus, he gives his verdict about the issue of Black actors struggle into the mainstream industry…

Enjoy the read ladies and gentlemen.

1. So Nathan, what have you been doing since winning Best Actor at the UK Entertainment Awards?

Since winning Best Actor at the UK Entertainment awards, I have been working on a feature film called “The Intent”, I have recently just joined a charity called The Heart4More Foundation doing drama empowerment workshops which has been amazing. I have also just released a project called “Behind Closed Doors” which was made in just 44 hours by a group
of amazing film makers, I had the pleasure of featuring in that. I have some other things in the
pipeline also.

2. Reflect on your journey into acting; as in your inspirations and motivations.

I started off as a runner, just a casual tea boy, making tea and lunch for other actors. I didn’t have a clue I wanted to be an actor. After a year of doing running, I went on to do extra work which was great.  Then one day, I managed to meet Tom Cruise. He told me something that day that never left me and since then I have never stopped, so I guess it kind of happened naturally. Seeing my peers succeed also motivates me a lot, John Boyega is amazing, someone to definitely look up to in the field. Every performance I have seen him in he has just smashed it. I’m also really inspired by Drake, a lot of the decisions he’s made influence by mind set career wise, it’s very weird as an actor for me to say that an artist/rapper inspires me, but I just have to be honest. 

3. So you also appeared in music videos by a few artists, such as Troy Hudson, Sam Tompskins and Musical D x Shemzy. Has appearing in music videos diversify your talent as an actor?

Yeah, It definitely has. Actually, sitting down and listening to these songs then trying to make the audience believe my performance through the visual isn’t easy. Some of these songs are very personal stories as well to the artists so you then have a responsibility to deliver even more so.


4. Give an insight as to how you get cast for a movie role.

Me personally I don’t have a manager or a proper agent at the moment, so anything I get or any offers I get is all down to my networking and talent. If you do have an agent, your agent will get character breakdowns from casting directors for a film or project. If it fits your description your agent will send your spotlight profile off to the casting director. Then if the casting director or producer like the look of you, you will be called in for an audition. You may not get the job but it’s also a chance to leave a great first impression as an actor…you never know what other projects these people could be working on.

5. You’ve appeared in short films such as “Melody”, “Blud” and “50 Shades of Tanesha”. Any prospects of appearing in a major feature film?

You can catch me playing ‘Jermaine’ in feature film called “The Intent” also starring Scorcher, Dylan Duffas, Krept & Konan. I haven’t got a lead role but it’s one more role in the bag…it’s been an honour just to be on set also.

6. If you had your dream movie, who’d be your dream cast?

My dream cast would be Idris Elba, Seth Rogen, Nathan Hector, Robert Di Nero, Al Pacino, Meryl Streep and Denzel Washington. Directed by Martin Scorcesse.

“Every time I don’t get a role I can’t use that excuse ‘It’s because I’m black’ that’s ridiculous. I just take advantage of what I have and create my own opportunities so no one can take that away from me.”

7. There’s been a traditional cry of lack of Black actors in mainstream films. Therefore, this problem has created a new generation of Black directors that are dedicated to create their own independent shows and films. Do you believe that this is the future? Seeing now that Hollywood refuses to change their status quo? Especially with the Sony email leaks…

I do think that is the case yes and that’s great for all of us but I also think people can’t keep using that excuse, pulling the race card — just get up and do something about it. People are always asking me ‘Do you think the reason you haven’t blown properly here yet is because you’re black?’ I say to them ‘No, it’s just not my time yet’. Every time I don’t get a role I can’t use that excuse ‘It’s because I’m black’ –that’s ridiculous. I just take advantage of what I have and create my own opportunities so no one can take that away from me.

8. Any upcoming actors, actresses and directors that you’ve worked with that we should look out for?

In 2011 I connected with a filmmaker called Ant Axten, who is now family to me. I think every person in this field has that one person in their life that understands them creatively and as an all round person — Ant (thank god) is that person. Any advice and any decision I make I run it by him as a business partner and as family. It’s so important you have that because it is very easy to lose yourself in this. Last year I had the pleasure of working with an actor called Jordan Bolger. He’s just done “Peaky Blinders” with Tom Hardy. A friend of mine Duayne Boachie just got the new regular role in “Hollyoaks”so please look out for him. Another good friend of mine Shevani Seth has just done Series 4 of “Homeland”, an American television series. Hussain Manawear who is a Youtuber and actor is amazing. He has he’s own theatre show called “Hussain’s House”; he will also have a great year. Also the “Mandem On The Wall” guys are amazing and have some great things coming this year both individually and as a collective. There’s too many people to mention! But it’s going to be a fun great year to say the least.

9. Any exclusive insights into your next projects and appearances?

Well, I’m about to go on tour in March doing a bit of theatre, that’s something I’m excited about. “Behind Closed Doors” and “Will You Kill Me Now?” are both being entered into film festivals and being taken around schools in the UK, which I’m very excited about. “The Intent” is due to hit the cinemas sometime next year, no release date has been confirmed. I’m also in the middle of co writing by own comedy series for my core supporters and I’m working on something dark for the end of the year so I’m pretty excited about that.

10. In your own opinion, which movies are in your top three as the best of all time and why?

“Goodfellas”, “Shawshank Redemption” and “Stand By Me” are definitely in my top three. Amazingly written. I think by the end of each film you feel a personal connection with the characters, especially in “Shawshank” and “Stand By Me”. I mean, when I first watched those two films I felt like I was there with them on their own journeys. “Goodfellas” is just beautifully written and shot, not to mention it’s a true story, based on factual real life things and real people. Amazing films.

“I simply can’t sit and wait for my phone to ring for someone to tell me when my next job is, I just get up and network, knowing that I’m talented enough to deliver and make things happen for myself.”

11. What are the benefits and challenges being an actor?

The benefits of being an actor is that you actually get to have fun, playing other people. It’s not serious all of the time, we are only human. The places you get to go, the people you get to meet. I mean, I have met some amazing people on my journey. The challenges is probably dealing with rejection and worrying about when your next gig is coming. It’s a very tough career. Ill personally never stop creating my own opportunities, I simply can’t sit and wait for my phone to ring for someone to tell me when my next job is, I just get up and network, knowing that I’m talented enough to deliver and make things happen for myself.

12. How can your fans be updated with your latest appearances and moves in the film industry?

For anybody reading this you can get at me on twitter which is @NathanHector_ I reply and follow back, sometimes. Haha. Thank you guys.


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