Below is a fiercely catchy brand-new release from London-duo Cherryade and it is everything Pop music should sound like.

Cherryade are rapidly disrupting the Pop world with their edgy pop anthems. Blah Blah is a single that shows just how unapologetic the duo is when it comes to voicing their thoughts. It is without a doubt that this new release will add to Cherryade’s array of successes having already been added to Apple Music’s New Artist Spotlist and Best of the Week playlist along with Spotify’s ‘Weekly Buzz’ playlist with previously release ‘Get By’

The long-time friend and partner-in-crime Ella and Alex have known each other since a young age and moved to London to pursue their musical dream. This is definitely the right move for the pair as their drive has led them to work with the likes of Ant Whitin, Lewis Gardiner, Dimitri Tikovoi and Shaun Canning. Cherryade are on the right pass to success as they keep climbing up the ladder with their stunning releases.

Blah Blah, the single produced by Dillistone is just another addition to their ever growing musical catalogue – Cherryade are ready to claim their thrown within Pop music.


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