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Underground punk rap is on the rise and one of the leaders in this rise is UK born, Scarlxrd. His unique blend of screaming, rap and trap beats makes for a sound that isn’t like anything out there. Starting out on SoundCloud, Scarlxrd has around 65k followers at the moment and growing at a fair pace, with his most famous song being “HEART ATTACK” having around 12 million views on youtube.

Scarlxrd started out on YouTube as a personality channel about 7 years ago but only recently made the change into creating this dark, emo rap. His most recent body of work is called “Lxrdszn” which is much heavier than his previous work. Even though his past projects have still been dark and loud, this one seems like it’s coming from a deeper place.

In November he had an intimate gig in London, where he had the whole building bouncing with his most popular hits like “6 feet” and “Heartattack“, to say it went down well is a huge understatement. It’s only a matter of time before Scarlxrd goes as big as some of the more famous punk rappers like XXXTENTACION, Lil Uzi vert and Lil Pump.
It’s also worth noting that he had an interview with Genius, where he explained the lyrics to “6 Feet”, which you can watch on YouTube.

By Cameron Holding


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