Ahead of their headline show via Crowndale TONIGHT, New Portals release their music video that was “…opportunistically over the summer.” (Mike Aicken)

It’s the first single for their newly released EP ‘Golden Hour’ that is filled with lush harmonies, mellows, and synths that paired with the 4/4 beat.  The angelic-delicate vocals are interlaced with a variation of other vocals that display a sense of sorrow and sobriety that allows folk and electronica to intermix. Their second EP is a follow up from their debut ‘Stereo’.  Despite the vision of the EP being not has what they expected about the EP, the compilation has gained them high praises from The Guardian, Clash Magazine and 1883The music video was shot at some of the backdrops used for hit show  ‘Games of Thrones’,  as well as a burnt out car and shot of their daughter dancing in the rain.




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