NINA LUNA presents a spark tingle of an eighties’ atmospheric pop composition with four track “Overwhelm” ; going straight to the tragic emotion with the first track “Hurt“.

The momentum continues with the second track “Overwhelm” that has full of ethereal strings and the techno trickles. The single is about the innocence essence towards love irrespective of the thrills and fear with the lyrics: head is spinning cos we’re so transparent it’s heartbreaking…” The lyricism within the single is beautiful and perfect for first-time lovers. Although, you can hear the undertone message of not falling so easily on the first date, despite everything going to plan because she’s looking for “…ways that’ll overwhelm you.” 

Which brings us to the heartbreaker “The One“, where the single sees the NINA LUNA being the one to end the relationship. The track is a ballad having piano and keyboard instrumentals against the natural sounds of the wind. The final track, “Tell You Now” slows down the whole vibe of the EP with the ethereal orchestration and her soft, tender vocals.

NINA LUNA has previously released her “Midnight Summer Mixtape“; meaning that this is her first compilation of work. What’s been kept the same is her love for emotive songwriting. What’s different is the forward progression to ethereal pop, that’s atmospheric instead of authentic piano instrumentals.

Who knows? Maybe  NINA LUNA would surprise us again with another different sound on her next one.




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