The team of Final Call Productions presents a powerful spoken word short that is intertwined in the symbolic significance of marriage.

Multi-talented actor, director, writer and spoken-word artist Jermaine Wong plays out a life scenario as to how strong the relationship between Christ and his bride (the church is). Oluci Nwabuwa's ('Anansi & The London Girl') strength and yet vulnerability of low self-esteem as the fictitious bride is felt with true emotion and anxiety; showcasing the Nigerian actress strong performance in this dialogue. Wong's exquisite lyricism as the heartbroken groom is a tasteful killer that is a shift away from the common script, placing emphasis on quality of dialogue that contains rifts of rhymes and metaphors; catching the attentive ear of the listener as the plot continues to unfold.

The movie has received massive praise from religious publications Vinejuice and Lyrical Solider. It's in the interest of Final Call Productions to create content that'll inspire, engage, encourage and inform the masses. It follows alongside Rosetta Joseph's 'M.A.N. - the Film', as it offers new perspective and execution to art content.



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