Jonell Rowe is the latest with his sci-fi comedy drama ‘Number 13′, a short that starts with a childlike message of dreams before the synopsis evolving to unknown evil motives.

With help from the Roundhouse Online Fund, ‘Number 13’ explores the pivotal point of human intelligence in the information age. As we all know, we are seeing the changes around us. Right? You know, human labour being replaced by machines…

Rowe adds element of dark comedy and persona to a non-living machine 13 (voiced by Yana Penrose). The dialogue between the aspiring actor Adrian (played by Karl Queenborough) and 13 brings a sense of the omnipresence of these new digital objects. Rowe has cleverly played with the audiences emotions; bringing home the underlying message that actually there’s hidden objectives about technology other than the fact of easier, faster convenience.

‘The aim for this film is to highlight the threat of technology taking over and the negative effect it will have on the modern working class society.’ – Jonell Rowe

It’s a little more flavour from the previous release of Patient 4318′ as viewers are left on a cliffhanger and suspense!

Moses Ssbandeke is among Rowe’s crew as  the 1st Assistant Director, another candidate who has benefited from the Roundhouse Online Fund. Also among the crew are Freya Espie and Alberto Maffezzoni. Rowe was the editor, writer and director of this dark drama. The photography was by Jack Ayers.




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