As we know, today is the day of love and we’ve done a small playlist of love songs.

The playlist features tracks from many of the upcoming emerging talent; including Bobii Lewis, Sundai, Ruby Francis, Soulohlove, Mic Lowry, KING…all catered to how you are feeling about love. Even if you’re single, there’s something for you, like Jerome Thomas‘ ‘Company’.


Savannah Dumetz – ‘Naked’

Love mood: When you’re scared to love again, but you’re now ready to let go and give it chance.

Soulohlove – ‘Cloud Nine’

Love mood: When you’re in love with someone and he/she is also in love with you. Together both of you are inseparable, and in your own world.

Vanessa White – ‘Relationship Goals’

Love mood: When you know that your relationship is still going STRONG (even after the low moments) that people desire to have what you got that is ‘…so much more than a instagram post.’

Sundai – ‘Sugar, Sweet Tea’

Love mood: When you love someone but you don’t want to say or show it.


Raleigh Ritchie – ‘Unicron Loev’

Love mood: When you’re in love *butterflies in your stomach*.

Kieron Boothe ft Clued Up – ‘For The Evening’

Love mood: When you want to be romantic and spontaneous.

Jerome Thomas – ‘Company’

Love mood: When you love yourself and want to have little alone time. ‘Party, party on my own.’ 

Mic Lowry – ‘Stand Down’ 

Love mood: When you know that you’re not the ‘players’ that the girl (you love) has had in the past.

Have a nice love day everybody!




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