Our hotlist is back!!!

Apart from the fact that some of them you’ll recognize, there are OTHER hot acts that you either may not have heard of or have heard a few of their tracks throughout the year on replay.  So without further or do, here’s our hotlist for 2017…



Hackney’s golden child SNE has already been featured in NME’s ‘Gamechangers’ issue alongside the likes of Mercedes Benson and Connie. He’s released a host of individual tracks such as ‘Tiana Major’, ‘Tell Me (Like Us)’ and ‘Sorry For The Wait’. He’s worked with Careless, Taliwhoah and Levelle London as well as had his own headline show before dropping his Mixtape  ‘Essence’.

Indeed, he’s had a whopping year. So much so, that he’s among the nominees for ILUVLIVE Hotlist for 2017

Ms BanksMs Banks

Ms Banks is one of the next generation of females, whose flow is one for the dollars. This year, she released her first official EP ‘The Next Chapter’ and was invited to perform her ‘Fire In The Booth’ with Charlie Sloth  for BBC 1Xtra. Over the years, she was regular act at ILUVLIVE and the Showcase at the Cafe 1001.

Despite being the part of girlgang that consists of Monique Lawrence, Ga’biel and Stefflon-Don. Ms Banks has grown and developed to be a woman in her own right. Following from the momentum that she has built with ‘Hallejuah‘ (which received a massive views), Banks has continued her triumphs by producing the soundtrack ‘The Come Up‘ for film ‘The intent’. If that wasn’t enough, she’s was featured on Tinie Tempah’s ‘Been The Man’ track alongside Stormzy!

She was on ILUVLIVE Hotlist for 2016 and is UEA’s Winner for Best Rapper.

Jaja Kisses

Image by Simply Lauerence simplylaurence.tumblr.com

Jaja Kisses has made a good impression after releasing her first track ‘PIMMS’ on Soundcloud, before getting featured on Joppe’s ‘Stray’ and Nomad’s  ‘I Do’. The singer-songwriter has made a distinctive sound of her own with her first official EP ‘Young Fashioned’


With an alluring-festish voice and a music non-conformist, Kisses has set herself to be futuristic with her impressive trap beats and alternative R&B; with an composition of indie-rock to create a sound that is highly futuristic with pop synth and digital chords. Her experimentation with music is something that many have began to lush about. Not to mention the fact that she has the coolest purple-hair and loves unicorns.

She’s performed at the Gal-dem event at the V&A, GUAP’s GCheck and Blue Magic. She also became part of the #GirlGang fashion film campaign and has produced music videos for tracks such as ‘Unknown’, ‘Silver Knickers’ and Blizzard under the Serotonin headquarters.



Sundai turned heads with her track follow up from ‘Unreliable’ called ‘Sugar, Sweet, Tea’, which reached 100k replays, and since then the tracks keep on coming.

Sharing her time in London and LA, Sundai has been working with the next emerging producers Who is Kev, Lophille, Deffie Deff and Jarreau Vandal. For now, the singer is allowing her music to do the talking. Describing her music as ‘groovin, old skool and fresh, Sundai hopes to talk about love and inspire other people. Reflecting on her music inspirations during her childhood and teenage years, Sundai has been able to capture her sweet, honest, raspy vocals against very hot beats

Whatever the weather, no matter how  you feel, your girl Sundai has got you covered.



It was only just year ago that Harper’s music videos for tracks ‘Animal’ and ‘Everything But Not Enough’ left a sense of nostalgia on viewers.

Following the release of her EP ‘Velvet’ under ICU Records, Harper returns to the scene with a new look and new sound. Her single ‘Blood, Sweat Tears’ received over 200k views. ‘Skin’ followed the momentum with the video receiving over 150k views. Just like that, she released the two EPs with the same title name has her tracks and performed at  The Great Escape Festival.

Her current single ‘No Love in The Jungle’ continues to lead Harper as the upcoming talent.  The single has had its premier on Apple Beats and short-listed in the UK Official Charts alongside Dua Lipa and Little Mix.



XVR BLCK is the one of the new demands of producers that you’ll need to keep on your radar. Apart from completing refixes with Jay Bay under JVRBeatJaxx. XVR BLCK has worked with a host of artists of emerging talent:  Basheba, Lylo Gold, Ryan De La Cruz, Bobii Lewis, Jafagholi,  MsBanks, Paigey Cakey  Anjelo Disons, Kojey Radical, Bobii Lewis, Levelle London…the list continues.






At such the highest peak of his youth, he has worked with a diverse range of artists and has contributed to the success of their tracls. Regardless of what the genre may be.

Dylan Williams


The former Elite model transitioned his career perspectives by focusing more on his love for music, and so far, his tracks fail to disappoint. Moving smoothly and swiftly, he uploaded his first track ‘Vibe’, followed by the music video on SBTV.

He later uploaded tracks such as ‘Changes’, ‘Where Are My Headphones?’ as well as the current ‘Drip, Drip’. He has performed his first small gig at the Hackney Soho and will have headline show at Birthdays in December.

Dylan Williams has surprised a lot of listeners with his lyrical flair, witt and versatility to sound. His love for the nineties classic instrumentals that contributed to the urban music of the first millennia is resurrected with charm and game. With handsomeness, slick rhymes and nod-your-head beats, you can’t resist but grasp his energy.

Age of L.U.N.A


Britain has never seen such a quirky cool collective since the days of the Fugees, A Tribe Call Quest, Big Brovaz and So Solid. So the world will definitely going to know about singer Daniella Thomas, producer NKOK, and rappers Butch Arkas and Kyote Noir. Four average joes with powerful minds who LIVE. UNDER. NO. AUTHORITY (L.U.N.A)

They gradually build their standing after ‘Memory Lane’ in 2015. It was this year that they began to ‘pop off’ with their singles ‘Blow Me Away’, ‘Sweetness’ and ‘Freddie’; in conjunction with their simple, yet creative videos that takes a dip into the golden years of early nineties Hip Hop and mashing that up with experimental R&B that for some reason, makes it sound so fresh, but yet futuristic.

Setting their mark as the international stars for change, Age of L.U.N.A have already performed at Rinse FM’s Born & Bred, Glastonbury,  AFROPUNK, Lost Village, Applebum and have already supported Jodie Abacus and Anderson Paak. They’re among the first fifty acts confirmed for the Great Escape 2017 and will be supporting Futuristic for his UK gig.



Moelogo is taking the Afrobeats genre to its second chapter — but here’s the thing — he’s not just an Afrobeat artist.

His track ‘Penkele’ has showcased Moelogo’s influence of Afrobeats and his inspirations with R&B, Trap and Soul. Many people have compared him as the ‘African answer to Chris Brown’, but we just see him as Moelogo, whose passion is to make African music alive around the world and across the diaspora.

Making his own trademarks for himself, Moelogo has already worked with Wretch 32, Avelino, Sneakbo, Giggs,  Suli Breaks, MoStack, TeDness, DunD, Geko and Seejay 100. He’s released his EP ‘Ireti’ and has won two awards (IARAS Best African Act & UEAs 2016 Best Soloist).  The MOBO nominated singer and songwriter loves his music and his fans, which makes it understandable as to why there’s a pandemonium surrounding him.



Birmingham’s singer-songwriter-producer was among the lucky candidates to be part of Capital Xtra’s Music Potential Project. To date, she’s performed at the Dream Nation Gala and So Far Sounds. Despite creating a small compilation of tracks, ‘The Line’  and ‘Solitude (Brexit)’ showcases the singer sharing similarities with the likes of Erykah Badu in a strong age alternative R&B/Soul. Barbella has a innovation with each and every one  of her tracks, such as ‘I Don’t Mind’ and ‘Lego Won’t Bling’.




Our eyes continue to keep our eyes out as to what this Brum beauty has in to offer in British music.

Bobii Lewis


Bobii Lewis looks unrecognisable with his new beard and fully grown facial hair, but that hasn’t stopped him allowing many to describe him as Britain’s Justin Timberlake.

He performed at a host of events such as Latimer Live, Tropic Sounds and has already collaborated with the likes of PY and Wretch 32. He was among the support acts for Bibi Bourelly’s EP launch and released his first EP ‘Blind in The Summer’.

Throughout the  year, he’s released tracks that have exceeded the 80K mark. These include ‘Day by Day’, ‘Special’, ‘Try Me’ and ‘Travis  Scott’.


The UnkNWn

Many of you have spotted them at London Rebels Creativity is Art event, but the collective from North West London (CE, hvq, N.A, Effy, Moody and Prol£m) continue to remain miscellaneous.

After CE & hvq released their  music video ‘Next 2 Me’, the rapping-singing -producing gang aren’t afraid to be the individualist of collectives. They all have taken the heavy influence of Grime and have collide that with the stoner infusion of  R&B instrumentals. These guys have been inspired by a host of musicians, which range from Amy Winehouse and Fela Kuti to Future and Meek Mill.

They’ve had two of their own shows already and hope that their sound, whether past or present, will be engaging and evolving.

Folly Rae


Folly Rae has worked with Koven and was chosen to showcase at the SXSW festival alongside Shakka and Jake Bugg. Describing herself as a ‘Hippy Electric’, Rae released ‘U’ on Soundcloud before releasing her EP ‘Money & Power’; a compilation of dark pop in the most alternative way.  Her first track ‘Hard To Love’ received positive reviews from the likes of the Line of Best Fit, Radio 1Xtra and Beats.


Her EP is an alchemy of her eerie take on pop. It’s different, but yet beautiful and has taken listeners into her own wonderland of music.



Coco is representing Sheffield in the world of Grime, as the new music genre continues to take its revolutionist waves across Britain and its force across the world.

After first getting introduced to the world by Toddla T in 2015, Coco has been releasing hit after hit. His ‘Fire In The Booth’ received 140k views, and has already featured Nadia Rose and AJ Tracey on ‘Big N Serious’ remix, Protoje on ‘Ova Here’ and the legendary Shola Ama on ‘Waters Run Deep’. You can also check out Deep Green on that track too.

One of the new challenges with Grime is the fluidity between dialects and lyrics, and Coco has powered through that. Just because he’s not from London, doesn’t mean he hasn’t been influenced by it. He’s performed at Outlook’s Festival homecoming Party and will be performing at Annie Mac’s Lost & Found Festival in 2017.

Joy Crookes


Joy Crookes was lucky to support the likes of M.O and Ella On The Run at their headline shows and  was shortlisted to perform at Music Connex RADAR. Already praised by the likes of The 405 and Clash Magazine for her two tracks ‘Sinatra‘ and ‘New Manhattan’ which can be easily used for Bond movies. Crookes has brought a distinctive new sound to British soul that has the alluring darkness of La Del Rey, British up-beat seen from Amy Winehouse and nineties trip-hop that took over the pop scene.

Crookes aims to bridge different strengths from a variety of music genres to create her own unique sound, and already she’s demonstrated versatility and innovation despite her lack of experience. She hasn’t finished school yet and already she’s had her acoustic performance at SOHO House. Peacefully taking her time, Crookes has been working with KarimThaPeasant.



The British take, one of the most commercialized music genre is turning a new leaf, and Avelino continues to make himself the revolutionary voice of his own. After working with Wretch on ‘Young Fire, Old Flame’, Avelino refused to be just one of those featured rappers and has continuously released controversial-yet truth speaking anthems before releasing his first EP ‘F.Y.O’

After having his headline show, Avelino became among the nominees for MOBOs 2016 and was nominated for a UEA. Keeping himself in the scene, Avelino has collaborated with many talents like Abra Cadrabra and has worked with producers such as Jay Prince, CallMeTheKid, Jason Lewis and Acekeyz.

Just recently, he’s featured Bobii Lewis and The New Machine on his new upload ‘Outstanding & Outrageous’.