Samuel Kyi Ankrah is one of the UK’s freshest actors, starring many productions from web series to films. He kindly sat down with us and gave us an exclusive insight into a young budding actors life
1. Thanks for having an interview with us Samuel
Thankyou for having me
2. We’d like to know a little more about yourself, so this question is an free open air one…take it away Mr Ankrah.
Ahhh I don’t even know where to start lol. Well… I’m 19 years old, Ghanaian (BIG UP MY GHANAIANS) and currently living in West London. I’ve been acting for camera & stage for about 4-5 years and i absolutely love it, like it doesn’t matter if its 3 in the morning if you contact me and say you need me as an actor i will take an über taxi to the shooting location lol its that real, my passion for it is endless and hopefully soon I will be able to take it to a bigger level. Apart from acting I make music from time to time when I feel like it btw its not your typical rap music…its more trip-hop and storytelling, I model as well…first it started as something i just felt like doing because i like the art and hidden messages behind the pictures i saw and took and certain people liked my style and was just like “Hey, come model for me, i like your style”  oh and i do all of the free lanced so I’m not signed to any agency. Other than that I’m a calm, love my creative peoples and don’t like fakeness.
3. So Samuel you made your debut in “Old Dog” as Jamie. In relation to the character, did you have any problems at school with your education? Or did the film has an inside message in regards to teachers’ educational output on students who threatened with expulsion?
Yes, when I was in secondary school I wouldn’t really do my work on time till last minute but always came out with distinctions. But to be honest my teachers helped with that, their patience, understanding and guidence was shown through what they did for me. Nowadays teachers don’t really care about students and I just wanted to show how that could affect such a bright child who is very capable of achieving said to be impossible but just needs a push.
4. Everyone is talking about the upcoming short film “Sapiens”. If you could have one super power, what would it be? And how would it change your world? How would you avoid having a weakness? 
Haha yeah SAPIENS has caught a lot of people’s attention over the past month, can’t wait wait for everyone to see more of it. Urmm if I had to choose one power that would have to be super speed, mainly because i wouldn’t be late to anything lool. I don’t think if I had super speed there would be any weaknesses 😉
5. Black superheroes. Michael B. Jordan is playing the Torch in “Fanstastic Four” and it’s been rumoured (if not confirmed) that the director of “Selma” Ava Duvernay is going to direct “Black Panther”. What are in thoughts about this?
Ive seen that, hmmm I’ve also seen a lot of racist comments towards the actor because of this role. I think its great to have a variety of superheroes in terms of skin colour, everyone can look up to their own hero that inspires them. Just goes to show how small minded and backwards people still are. If thats true then I’m looking forward to seeing how that turns out.
6. “Venus vs Mars” is going to have a second season on Sky Living. The internet has created a new generation of filmmakers, especially in regards to the rise of visual platforms such as Youtube, Vine and Vimeo. Is having a webseries a better avenue in targeting the viewers…considering the fact that television is in decline?
Thats great to hear! i believe online platforms like Vimeo & Youtube have really helped a lot of filmmakers, actors, directors etc become one step closer to their dreams, it really gives them an opportunity to show their talent through another worldwide platform.
7. Your fellow cast member JJ is going to be in Kojo’s “The Weekend” movie… 
Wow well done to him, looking forward to seeing that more than ever now. Love seeing the people around me doing well.
8. We understand that everything about the “Sapiens” film is classified…
Indeed it is, Remi (R.M. Moses) will kill me if i give anything away lol.
9. Would you describe R.M Moses as Professor X in X-Men?
Haha you know what, now that you’ve mentioned it he kind of is, he keeps the cast in check and just guides us and gives us advice like a mentor would. Still got his hair though…
10. What does it mean to be an Black young man in modern day society. Considering the attacks everyday and challenges of breaking the glass ceiling. We don’t know what the problem is about creating your own glass ceiling, if not a pyramid. Do you believe this is a better mindset rather than what’s been given to you?
I think everyone is capable to do whatever they put their mind to and yes there will be certain aspects of life trying to bring you down. As a young black individual in the acting industry like you mentioned before about Michael B. Jordan playing the human touch in fantastic four and some people verbally attacked him because he is black but it never occurred to them that maybe the caucasian actors who auditioned for the same role were just not talented enough so to me thats inspiration, to me there are no barriers i can’t knock down but on the other hand  i feel like there will be times when i shall be overlooked because of that is just the world we live in but the best thing to do is to keep pushing and look somewhere else. A message to the black youths like myself, don’t sit there like a zombie being spoon fed and believe everything you are told, go out there and gain knowledge yourself…find truth in what you are learning about and chase your dreams, do what your heart really desires and believe me you will be happy.
11. If you were an African god of giving powers, and you needed to give your fellow cast members in “Sapiens” super powers, what would they be and why would you give them that supernatural ability?
lool haha african god yeah…ahhhh hmmm this is a tough one. Firstly I think I would give JJ the power to change sizes…sort of like ant man, lol he’s already flipping tall now think about it if he could get bigger, dude would be unstoppable. I have to give Tola super speed… my guy has an obsession with that power aha. Elle….hmm ELLE ELLE, i’d have to give her the power to manipulate males. Lastly, Leo… the ability to talk to animals, i don’t know where that came from but he seems like an animal guy lol.
12. Apart from “Old Dog”, what other projects do you have coming up. we’d love to support your other film/performance appearances.
Absolutely, I’m always working even if I don’t talk too much aha. Well you guys know about Sapiens coming out later this year, plus I’ve got an online web series coming which I will be playing the lead. Another short film titled ‘Rough’ (Name might change). Got potential short films also that have not entered the pre-production stage yet.
13. What can we expect from you in the near future? 
New projects & new music. Occasionally new pictures as well lol & also really pushing for feature films and awards!
14. Finally, any other last words before we round up?
Follow me on Twitter/Instagram :SamuelKyiAnkrah & this interview was a blast, thank you once again


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