After ‘Up All Night’ reached 16.5k, Nelson features the one man who set her career in motion with new single ‘Hideaway’. 

Who are we talking about? Well, it’s Jarreau Vandal, who her vocals on ‘Someone That You Love’  still remains a killer to this day. ‘Hideaway’ has a blend of 80’s cool soul. The track had a first play at the Jamz Supernova and at Clash Magazine and now, this track is opened for you all.

Olivia Nelson was at the Fusion event that was in association with Iluvlive. The track ‘Someone That You Love’ has reached the whopping 5 million streams! Now that is an achievement. Still, Ms. Nelson continues to launch her own prerogative of sound, which has a mix of funk, soul, and R&B. It may be still early days for the young artist, but so far, Nelson has been releasing hit after hit.



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