Well, whilst we continuously cape for new artists, we also place a strong emphasis on upcoming producers who have been equally responsible for the success by creating the hottest jams and fiercest artists for their clients.

In the past, we’ve introduced to you the likes of XVR BLCK and Nik Soni, and today we’re giving you the sounds from Omari Lyseight who has his own mixing EP that is twice, if not quadruple dope with his fourth EP “The Sounds of Omari Lyseight”.

The upcoming Artist, DJ, and producer is part of a new hot label Trackout Records, founded by LSow and home of Hodgie and Kamo Beats. As we’re telling you now, it seems that Trackout Records is set to be a powerful music-producing powerhouse.

So, listening to Omari Lyseight EP, we see that the young talent has a love of micro-sampling the old and rejuvenating with the new. With his DJ’ing talent, you can hear the sleek rips with a classic such as Aaliyah’s “One In A Million”. Me & I are addictive with the digital autotune and the clever instrumentals in the background. You’ll feel a little of Motown with “Feeling the Love”. He does an overlaying of three tracks with “Euphoric Rays” before he surprises us again with “Let Me Down”, and then finally, he ends with an Outro from TSOOL. We admire the fact that he takes natural sounds and digitalizes them and mixes them with the beat. Unlike his three EPs, Lyseight keeps it short with six tracks, that overlay each other just like any other DJ who’s mixing track after track. His eclectic yet captivating sound makes him an individualist. Afterall, the dude spent for a year in the same prestigious school gave us the likes of RAYE and Adele, and also has his own lyricism that is 100% his when you listen to his previous projects like “Life’s Interlude”, which was released last year. Already he’s already worked with Annalisa Waters, Liam Drift, and Tokyo the Producer and recently went on Balamii Radio to show the world what he’s made of.



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