Kattah's 'On-Duty' Film Premiere took over the Genesis Cinema this week with five short films that were freshly produced and screened for the first time after creating a buzz on social media. Despite being it a working night, there was huge TURNOUT of attendees who came to support the Kattah and production company Little Drops Productions. Attendees included popular personalities from 'BKChat LDN' - but that isn't the only thing that made this night special.

Let's say that Little Drops has made an upgrade with their new opening sequence trailer. Kattah is looking to be in the big league, with sights on going back to Ghana to produce a film there. Alongside Kattah being the star of the night, you also had young Darryl Ketah who debut with his film 'Last Cry'. At only 15 years old, the boy wrote a provocative film that dealt with the topic of abuse of all forms. Speaking on the synopsis of the story, Darryl states that he didn't give the audience the situation of the mother because "...he (the protagonist) doesn't know where she is. Therefore as an audience, you wouldn't know where she is either."  Set in the perspective of the victim, viewers are taken into the mental turmoil and quest for revenge. The young screenwriter was blessed to attend with friends and family who were also equally proud. Kattah, who directed the film talked about how they had to go extreme lengths in order for delivery, which comes with the territory if you're looking to create a masterpiece.

Andy Amadi created an American inspired short 'Head-Loss', Amadi was passionate to leave his comfort zone and challenge the actors to perceive their characters as American.

"I know that the streets are the UK, and the cars are UK...but when I was writing it, I was thinking of America. I wanted to give the actors a challenge.' - Andy Amadi

Thrilled with violence and betrayal, viewers were left with the sense of knowing that lovers come and go but family stands forever. The story was influenced by American gang-movies co-starring the likes of Ben Sarpong alongside Kingsley Amadi. Amadi also explained the reason behind the title stating that "...it's a slang word for saying you're crazy. When you can't find your head." Regardless of the critics, Amadi felt that this was the right time, and when the BkChat creator sets his mind on something he's destined to accomplish it.

Next up was the film 'To The Power of Ten' starring Niall O'Mara. The film gained a huge applause from the audience, as it was dealing with the mental illness of Compulsive Disorder. 'To The Power of Ten' was great in production, executing the cinematography into the mind of the victim. Kattah admits that he literally asked O'Mara to deliberately punch himself in order to get the full performance of the extensive side of the disorder. It's been a while since O'Mara has performed in acting, as he took the sole role of writing the script whilst Kattah provided the direction.

Monet Morgan's film 'CO-D' has earned her an award, despite the film being her dissertation. Being a fierce female director in a competitive market, Morgan claps back on the harsh critique about women from a member of the audience, Notwithstanding, her film is excessively good and we can see why she won the award. Both Blaise Tykal and Tola Teriba fulfilled the role of their characters with full chemistry. Surprisingly, the film had an unexpected ending in the midst of the main couple's dark and criminal pursuits. 'CO-D' is the British answer to 'Mr & Ms. Smith' adding a gritty take on the term Bonnie & Clyde'

'On-Duty' continues the short sequels of 'Dead Note' and 'Stake Out' despite the fact that they're standalone shorts starring Kingsley Amadi and Anton Thompson. This was the final film of the night. For one we've been very fund with Kattah doing a crime drama, and this time things get a little shady with the detectives. The plot becomes darker and the pursuits become more sinister. We're intrigued to know where the plot goes from here. Will Kattah create a follow up to 'On-Duty' or will he leave the suspense in the air for the audience to ponder about...his next moves remain uncertain.

Kattah reveals more on his reason behind setting up his own production company, stating that "...he hated the way films ended." Although he doesn't reveal the details about his film in Ghana, Kattah reveals his only motivation - God.



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