“Where Are Your Branches?” provides an alternative take to a soul that consists full of flair from the upcoming singer. It comes after the release of his self-titled EP in 2016.

The four-track is full of instrumentalism, opening his new EP with track “Subdued” that allows you to dive straight into the artist’s individual spiritual and ethical beliefs. The EP features poet James Massiah who was among Dazed Top 100 and is the only featured artists on the EP. The second track “Chromatic Descendants” is largely a jazz percussion, thanks to eccentric drummer Art Taylor. The track shows off Jerome being first and foremost a guitarist, with crisps guitar riffs. The third is straight into “Where Are Your Branches? (Where’s Your Fruit)” where the track is highly instrumental and you get to enjoy Jerome’s guitar skills. The final track “Smile On A Screen” plays on the new notion of spoken words and live instrumental. Jerome reveals that “…it took a while to find its identity when recorded but with a mash-up of mine, Maxwell Owin and Wu-Lu’s production skills it finally found a life of its own.”

Ranking up a storm, Jerome has secured a sell-out date at Corsica Studios. However, not all is lost folks, as he’ll be returning to the capital on April 18th to perform via Ghost Notes.


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