The Kendrick Lamar’s performance at the Grammys and Beyoncé’s debut to an organisation that is constently deemed as ‘racist’ by mainstream society, has begun a controversial discussion among Black people globally. Even though Black History Month has been given by dominant society in return of the ever ending injustices, more questions have arisen about the historical events that has made an impact into the condition now. Hence why Cecile Emekee quest with her “Strolling Series”.

Let’s be real, Kendrick Lamar has proven that the idea that “Black music doesn’t sells” is a complete fraud. Afterall, that’s one of excuses many rappers refuse (either by will or by force), not to use their platforms to speak on the injustices in an obsessive-white-system. You can still be true to yourself and be unapologetic as to who you are, regardless of what main society thinks.

Out Of Darkness

Director Amadeuz Christ gives a full untold documentary of the history of African people that has been strongly been denied (by the West on purpose) in terms of the continent’s strong contribution to what we know now as Western society. Covering everything from the Africa’s advanced rich cultural civilisations, the massive immigration prior to slavery into other places around the world, it’s influence to uplifting Europe from its desolate state to events that has effected African people today. It even covers the true origins of Hip Hop and how it has been commercialised to continue a sense of dysfunction for main society’s benefit.

It’s an empowering documentary for young people to watch. And it raises the discussion about economics, ownership and monetarization of “Black culture” that is owned and controlled by the greatest innovators and consumers of this planet.

It’s time to build your future.


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