North-West London heavily talented rapper Patrin has just released a masterpiece of a mixtape titled ‘Time Will Tell’. 

The 12-track compilation is filled with flavours to please everyone’s taste as it displays Patrin’s versatility as an artist and writer. ‘Time Will Tell’ is a beautiful work of art. The project is elegant and nothing short from excellent.

Patrin takes us on a very personal and mesmerising journey from beginning to end with the powerful opening track ‘Timeless’ promoting self-motivation. His approach to music is so well-thought and his artistry reflects that. Tracks such as ‘well Wishes’ the way he approached the verses and the delivery remind me of a young Eminem rapping in ‘Stan’ it is such as hard hitting song. The talented artist knows how to keep the balance as he switches the mood with harmonious melodies on tracks such as ‘Don’t Low Your Worth’ and ‘To Whom It May Concern’ before closing the project by taking us to his neighbourhood and giving us a glimpse of the issues faced in his area – ‘Nothing Hurts More’ has support vocals from Cadence and The Canorous.

The messages portrayed on ‘Time Will Tell’ are so relevant to our society together, this encourages us to be strong, be free, be daring and chase our dreams without any fear as it places around the denominating concept of time. Nowadays, it’s hard to listen to mixtapes from beginning to end without skipping tracks, ‘Time Will Tell’ is Patrin‘s answer to my cries for good music with a strong message. This is a compilation that I truly enjoyed listening to.

Patrin is certainly an artist to watch out for and keep under the radar.


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