NEW!!! Pete Philly – Favorite Song


Besides performing a special arrangement for Red Bull, Pete Philly releases a down-to-earth-happy-go-lucky feeling video for his track “Favorite Song” whereby he approaches a diverse group of people in public to come and enjoy the good-vibes that the single brings.

Coming back in a full of the explosion of colour after a personal setback as made listeners and fans realize how much we have loved and missed the renowned artist’s multi-talented brillance of being a songwriter, artist, and producer. For the first time in seven years, Philly is gearing up to his live shows and has seen the praises and realms of happiness on his return. So far, his new music doesn’t disappoint. In fact, he has gained attention from the likes of UK publications such as Notion Magazine and Radio 1Xtra, making us feel that actually, the spirit of Philly’s sound hasn’t really left.


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