FIRST LOOK: ‘Pin Cushion’ – Lily Newmark, Joanna Scanlan, Bethany Antonia, Sacha Cordy-Nice & Saskia Paige Martin


Deborah Haywood presents a dark-coming-of-age teenage film about a mother and daughter who end up embarking on the realities of life in amidst of their fantasies after their move to a new town.

'Pin Cushion' film has been celebrated across the film world with the fierce art direction and storyline surrounding an irregular young teenager played by newcomer actress Lily Newmark ("Nose Bleed"). She's joined by other upcoming young stars such as  Sacha Cordy-Nice, Saskia Paige Martin and Bethany Antonia, who was in the new show "Stath Lets Flats" by Jamie Demetriou. The title of the film is rather metaphoric with a uncomfortable pinch to something that is soft. Soft was Lyn (Joanna Scalan) and Iona (Lily Newmark)'s relationship as mother and daughter, whom have created a bubble with the hiccups that they had from the start. Sooner and later, friction between their relationship begins to emerge as Iona makes new 'frenemies' with Keeley, Stacey and Chelsea, whilst Lyn becomes besties with neighbour Belinda out of jealously of seeing her daughter spending more times with her girl fiends.

The film has gained a huge amount of praise from the likes of the Guardian. Though the film is dark, there are also feminist undertonnes, and Haywood presents how much female filmmakers can also create a stunning and artistic masterpiece too.

Pin Cushion film is available in cinemas.



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