Listening to PK’s new track “Yosho” reminds us of the early era of garage and grime. Not only does PK embodies the spirit through the lyrics but Flowdan releases the single under his own label and artist management company Spentshell. For those who don’t know, Flowdan is one of the veterans behind the movement who was behind the success of the prominent crews Roll Deep and the legendary Pay As You Go. 

With PK known to be part of the YGG crew, “Yosho” brings back the spirit of Double E back to the young generation ahead of his debut EP “Bad Ombre”. Be sure that the track is going to be across the dancefloors. People are calling for a remix with other UK artists in the game such as Big Zuu. Whatever the case may be, this track is definitely a hype one. Afterall, there’s been only a few grime artists that can take on a steady flow and still rife up the frequency of excitement from the crowd.




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