Punch Records’ BASS Festival pivoted its focus on the biggest continent – Africa.

Taking place all throughout November, the festival looks at the undermining achievement of the greats that have come and the emerging youthful talent that’s uprising from the continent.

Photo Credit: Shahid Uddin

Punch Records could have easily focused on popular countries such as Nigeria and Ghana (where Afrobeats was first originated from), but instead, the music corporation wants to place focus on other African countries that have a vibrant music scene. In the words of Ammo ‘ a youthful perspective of Africa.’

‘Let’s not look at it (Africa) too old skool. Like Fela Kuti…that’s already been done. Let’s look at Africa from a new perspective. A youth Africa.’

The programme includes Fuse ODG going to a school in Birmingham, the celebration of Haile Selassie – the Ethiopian Emperor who is the pivotal face of the Rastafarian movement and the majesty. In London there’s an Afroball taking place and Eddie Kadi is also hosting his standoff comedy show! And has developed a strong recognition for his comic content about his heritage.

The launch event was cosy at the ACMC; a hub that is all about celebrating and spreading awareness of Blackness and African identity across the diaspora. No matter where you are, the sound of Africa is felt through the music from Hip Hop, Soul, Afro beats, Reggae and Afro-House, Zumba or Bashment. Are we seeing an awakening? Well, Punch Records thinks so, and are the first to tap into the new sound arising from other countries and bring it to he forefront alongside the normal West Africa.

Performing on the night was Gambimi, who was on the Birmingham leg of Punch Records ‘Welcome to My Tour’. He performed two of his tracks, which were ‘Waters’ and ‘They Don’t Know Us’. Having already worked with the likes of Lotto Boyz and being featured on ILUVLIVE and RNB4Life, Gambimi reveals that he’s working on new material.

With Birmingham being a young city and Punch Records focusing on the accomplishments and achievements that the continent and its people have brought to the world, this year’s BASS Festival aims to bring both Caribbean and Africans nations together.

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