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Another stella performance from one of the Gospel gems in the UK music. As we already know Rachel Kerr has an amazing voice and has supported many big names both from the UK and America. Announcing her having a headline show at the O2 Academy in Islington (with her birthday following shortly afterwards) we’re honoured to be invited to witness a performance rarely seen. A performance with the aim of having a great night but also and maybe most importantly touching the lives of all those who attended. It was no joke when we say that Ms Kerr, took us all back to church on a Monday night.

The music for the night was mixture of 90s and 00s R&B, this coupled with a deep and strong sense of motivation and a fresh positive aroma of energy and spirit, as we waited for Ms Kerr to grace the stage with the purity to uplift her fans but also the dignity t remind them that this is not from her but from God. The show was opened with her male dancers before she came on the stage and showed us some quick-step moves. Before jumping to her next performance, unveiling that there’s a possibility that she’ll be working on an EP and another album, following on from her previous three critically-acclaimed EPs that have won her a MOBO and a UK Entertainment award. So Ms Kerr’s headline show is more than just a live gig, it was an epic show.

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In the audience we spotted some familiar faces such as However, we can’t help but also talk about Karl Lokko, who was a supporting opening act last night following his gig at Guvna B’s Allo Mate headline.

Resuming back to all things Rachel Kerr, her headline show clearly shows us all that she hasn’t left the music game. In fact, she’s doing more than use her voice to spread the power and inspiration with her message. This girl is a classy superstar and a role model for all other women looking to break and conquer this industry that you can keep your dignity, integrity- and spirit and still be a huge success. We had such a great time keep in touch with Rachel Kerr below via her social platforms for her next headline gig or better still album or EP.

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