Rak-Su made a huge highlight recently after getting the chance to perform at ILUVLIVE. They already have an E.Ps under their belt 20k views (and growing) on their music videos on LinkUpTv and GRM Daily. Girls on cloud 9 *wink wink*.

These guys continue to make a win for that gold with their new music video ‘Crush On You‘. This is a great jam that sees each member of the group (Rak-Su J, Ashley Rak-Su, Pharoahcious, Myles Rak-Su) having their individual & group shine, which makes the dynamics of this collective more in sync.

Fortune is right on the money with the production.


  1. This might be overrated but I seriously want you guys to win x factor. You are cute and fun. Myles I’m your distant cousin, summer’s, best friend. Hope you reply. Xx Lilly ❤


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