NEW!!! Ramone – Summer Colada


Ramone gives us the last summer vibes spirit with this tropical Afro-swing-B track “Summer Colada”. 

The 19-year old is the new graduate coming out straight from Brit-school and his debut single has that mix of another marriage union between Afrobeats and R&B. You can hear those African twang and smooth-sweet vocals with this song as well as the tropical Afrobeat rhythm that has be compositioned with the R&B melody and base. We’ve heard this type of rhythm alot this year with tracks such as “Wifey” by Crazy Cousinz and we’re sure that this is going to continue. However, there’s more to the artist that just jumping on the Afro-B wave. He’s already released an acoustic “I’m” and “123” recently, so “Summer Colada” is his third single.



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