The pieces of RAPHAELLA’s puzzle is complete with the release of her track “Good Life” that capsulate the youthful spirit of electro-pop sweeping the music scene as of this moment.

The track follows from her previous releases such as “Imagine” and “I’m Not Down“. Sounding bright with the flair of optimism, “Good Life” is  incredibly and strongly flamboyant; a vivid contrast from her last pieces of dark evasive material. Heavily instrumented and compacted with strong ethereal vocals, RAPHAELLA ends her newly released “Imagine” EP on a high note.

Over the past year, RAPHAELLA has been highly focused on her songwriting and sound. Already known to have worked with the likes of MNEK and MIST, RAPHAELLA is set to have another busy year in the realms of UK pop. Her four track EP may be a taster, if not a teaser as to what also have up her sleeves. Therefore you better watch out for the singer, who’s sound is an eletrifying altetnative.



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